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This might explain why Mary Magdelene is considered a saint. I found it on this web page about the lives of the saints. It is so inspiring to read the lives of the saints. It makes me more and more want to know all about Jesus, and how to serve Him.

I pray that it inspires you as much as it has for me.

She is called "the Penitent". St. Mary was given the name 'Magdalen' because, though a Jewish girl, she lived in a Gentile town called Magdale, in northern Galilee, and her culture and manners were those of a Gentile. St. Luke records that she was a notorious sinner, and had seven devils removed from her. She was present at Our Lords' Crucifixion, and with Joanna and Mary, the mother of James and Salome, at Jesus' empty tomb. Fourteen years after Our Lord's death, St. Mary was put in a boat by the Jews without sails or oars - along with Sts. Lazarus and Martha, St. Maximin (who baptized her), St. Sidonius ("the man born blind"), her maid Sera, and the body of St. Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin. They were sent drifting out to sea and landed on the shores of Southern France, where St. Mary spent the rest of her life as a contemplative in a cave known as Sainte-Baume. She was given the Holy Eucharist daily by angels as her only food, and died when she was 72. St. Mary was transported miraculously, just before she died, to the chapel of St. Maximin, where she received the last sacraments.

More about this saint: St. Mary Magdalen (Feast day - July 22) Mary Magdalen was well known as a sinner when she first saw Our Lord. She was very beautiful and very proud, but after she met Jesus, she felt great sorrow for her evil life. When Jesus went to supper at the home of a rich man named Simon, Mary came to weep at His feet. Then with her long beautiful hair, she wiped His feet dry and anointed them with expensive perfume. Some people were surprised that Jesus let such a sinner touch Him, but Our Lord could see into Mary's heart, and He said: "Many sins are forgiven her, because she has loved very much." Then to Mary He said kindly, "Your faith has made you safe; go in peace." From then on, with the other holy women, Mary humbly served Jesus and His Apostles. When Our Lord was crucified, she was there at the foot of His cross, unafraid for herself, and thinking only of His sufferings. No wonder Jesus said of her: "She has loved much." After Jesus' body had been placed in the tomb, Mary went to anoint it with spices early Easter Sunday morning. Not finding the Sacred Body, she began to weep, and seeing someone whom she thought was the gardener, she asked him if he knew where the Body of her beloved Master had been taken. But then the person spoke in a voice she knew so well: "Mary!" It was Jesus, risen from the dead! He had chosen to show Himself first to Mary Magdalen, the repentent sinner.

In Christ.

-- Jake Huether (, May 15, 2002


Response to Mary Magdelen / Saint

Jake - Yea Team!!

-- Jean Bouchard (, May 15, 2002.

Response to Mary Magdelen / Saint

Dear Jake, I think you have two stories intertwined. In the first Jesus is at the house of Simon the Pharisee to have supper. A woman hears this and so she brings a jar of perfume to Simon's house and wets His feet with her tears and dries them with her hair. She has a sinful reputation but no where does it say she is Mary Magdalene.

In the second story, Jesus is at the home of Lazarus with his two sisters, Martha and Mary. Mary pours perfume over the feet of Jesus and dries them with her hair. This is Mary, Martha and Lazarus' sister, not Mary Magdalene.

In fact, the woman who was to be stoned for her sin was never named at all either. Somewhow it was just assumed that this was Mary Magdalene.

The reference to Mary Magdalene in the New Testament refers to her as the woman who had 7 demons driven out. She was a follower of Jesus and and referred to as a helper of Jesus and His disciples.


-- Ellen K. Hornby (, May 20, 2002.

Response to Mary Magdelen / Saint


I want to thank you for clearing this fact of Mary Magdalen up. It is as I have understood for a long time too. Three different women and there is absolutely no evidence to prove otherwise..


-- Fred Bishop (, May 20, 2002.

Response to Mary Magdelen / Saint

You are right! I didn't have a Bible in front of me at the time. In fact I have only been read the Bible - and am now starting to read it for myself. I apologize for confusing stories (even thought the intent mainly was to defend our Lord against the accusations posted prior). No matter what the story was, I know it didn't include Jesus standing in line and waiting to be served by Mary Magdalene! Thanks for the direction.

In Christ.

-- Jake Huether (, May 20, 2002.

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