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I have an Toshiba-SD-1750, I can play a vcd that my friend lent me but when i burn it using nero 5.5 it successfully burns using a CD-R, I go to put it in my dvd player and it says error. Is there anyway to solve this so that I can play a burnt Vcd on my Dvd Player?

-- jeremy tosczak (, May 14, 2002


Hi ! Use an other CD-R ! or use an other Burn Software !

bye bye

-- (, May 15, 2002.

Your player will not play it only certain players have the dla capibilities of reading burned material.... i bet your player won't even play a burned music cd... i had the same problem! search the net for the dvd player that play burned cds

-- Bret (FUCKYOUALL@310.FREESERVERS.COM), May 27, 2002.

Hello, I have the same SD-1750 Toshiba DVD, and I *can* play VCD's using Sony CD-RW 650MB 74Min CD's (This is an OLD CD, bought back in '99 or so). However, I just tried 2 Sony CD-R 700MB 80Min CD's today, and neither will play. They both burned perfectlly, but neither will play in the player. It just says "Disc Error". Just for your info, I use ULead DVD Workshop for my DVD burning software. It is only a 30 day trial, but as I said, with the older Sony RW it works fine. I have re-wrote VCD movies to it like 4 times, and each time it plays perfectlly. I am going to try to buy some *new* Sony CD-RW's tomorrow, and see what happens.

-- Brandon (, November 10, 2002.

I have the same problem.

After much searching through an almost-never opened user's manual, it says it will play:

- 12 cm 4 hr DVD's and 8 hr double-sided DVD's - 8 cm 80 minute DVD's and 160 minute double-sided DVD's - 12 cm 74 minute VCD's - 8 cm 20 minute VCD's - 12 cm 74 minute Audio CD's - 8 cm 20 minute Audio CD singles.

In other words, our player won't play 80 minute VCD's or (I assume, never tried) 80 minute audio CD's.

Hope that was help.

Since we've found the definite problem to the SD-1750 issue, is there ANYWHERE they sell 74 minute CDR's?!?

-- Yannick Breton (, February 23, 2003.

Maybe we could use a 80 min cd and put only 74 min or less of data.

I'll try...

-- Philippe Blondin (, March 08, 2003.

I tried to burn a maxell cd r 700mb for less than 56 min. and when I tried to play it on my dvd toshiba it wouldn't work. So I would assume 74 min is the magic number.

-- J thornton (, April 23, 2003.

Ummm, I also have this Model of DVD player, and I've tried to burn 2 Movie files (using Nero Burning rom 6.3.0) on an 80 minute CD... Doesn't work heh, HOWEVER I managed to dig up a free 74min Recordable CD that came with my New Powerbook G4. It seems that apple's unability to spend 50 more cents on a decent CD actually answered this question. The 74 minute cd DOES PLAY in the Toshiba SD- 1750. Try Business depot, I know that they WILL order in these types of CD's (try Bestbuy as well). Hope that helps.

-- Rory Swanson (, December 13, 2003.

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