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Below is the scan I did of the text in the brochure, just before you left... As you'll see, it's rough, rough, rough... Lots of Swiss cheese holes in it... Here's how to cope with them:

1. Drag your cursor across the text on the screen to highlight it.

2. Select "Copy" from your browser's Edit menu.

3. Paste it into Word (which you'll want to open before you start doing this).

4. Make whatever changes need to be made (typo corrections, wording changes, paragraph rearrangement, etc.).

5. Go to the forum ( > Forum).

6. Open this "thread."

7. Scroll down, click "Contribute an answer."

8. Select and Copy the corrected version out of Word.

9. Paste it into the text entry box and click Submit...

Here's that rough "Swiss cheese" mess (optical character reading ain't perfect yet)...


We help your dream come true.

Are you looking to buy or refinance a home in town, out in the country or at the lake? Midwest Financial Mortgage Company's friendly professionals are here to help you prequalify, close and get into your dream home. We help you get into the home you want, at a payment level that's comfortable for you. This is homebuying or homebuilding the way it should be!

Zero Down Home Purchases

Zero Down New Construction

Zero Down Lake Froperties

Financing & Refinancing of ELesidential or Commercial Property & Lake Home.s

Compare Our Excellent Mortgage Lending Rates!

If.vou can't mt46e it h.appen nou', we can help you make it u~or k m yo~l' future!

Easy Steps: Pre-qualify

In just minutes, .. ,, get a pre-approval certificate you can show your realtor or builder.

~Knowing what you can do ahead of time gives you p;;

Take T k Stop in and a ~oo aee our ~Vall lC ~ of Fame,' introducing the work of selected licensed realtors, builders and contractors. Look at photos, blueprints and regularly updated Listinga. ~~ '~ ~ c,~ ~ `6s~ ~ s'~ Ch Jl /7~7s ', ~ ~, realtor or builder, we'll ~ mane it easy for you to see additional plans and blueprints—even to meet with developers, realtors, buildera or contractors right here at our of fice

Clo Our process is designed to se make homebuying as f~st and easy as possible! When you're ready to close, we'll make sure you understand the process and know all costs ahead of time - so there are n~o surprises.

better bargaining power - and inYpires confidence in your of fier.

En Receive added rewarda from ;, JQY local businesses aH part of our

appreciation package. And don't forget to a~gncl~D ;~ online at www.midwestfiruz~` for regulat customer dis ~counts and giYeaways!

~Calltoday- or apply now online! www. m i~s~r~a7lcialmortgage. com

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

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