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Does anyone have a source for Kodak D-8 and Kodak D-11 film developers. I checked with Calumet and B&H and they only stock D-19.

Thanks Mike

-- Michael J. Kravit (, May 14, 2002


Well, I was going to give you the url to the photoresource web page which listed these formulae. Apparently, they are now defunct. Luckily, I printed the relevant pages, so freaked out, its easy.


Water at 90 degrees 750ml Sodium Sulfite 90g Hydroquinone 45g Sodium hydroxide 37.5g Potassium Bromide 30.0g Water to make 1 liter

Dilute 2 parts developer to 1 part water. Target time is about 2 minutes @68 degrees! It doesn't say for what type of film.

Whoa, this looks like rocket fuel!


Water at 125 degrees 500ml Metol 1g Sodium Sulfite 75g Hydroquinone 9.0g Sodium Carbonate 52.5g Potassium Bromide 5.0g Water to make 1 liter

Dilute 1:1 and develop for around 4 minutes in a tray. Again, there is no mention of film type. Sounds like some experimentation may be necessary for both of these.

Mix these in the order that the ingredients are listed. It's really no harder than making pancakes, only this stuff will kill you if you eat it.

The chemicals are readily available from or or

Good Luck


-- Clay Harmon (, May 14, 2002.

The first paragraph had a grammatical burp in it. What I meant to say was: Don't be freaked out about having to mix these yourself, it's easy.


-- clay harmon (, May 14, 2002.

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