U.P. L.A. TT Basin Branch Entry Style?

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I notice in the latest(#2 of April 11, 2002) UPRR L.A. Area Employee Timetable, all branch/lead listings are now in the form of a footnote or prose vs. the more conventional box format used for other lines(akin to A.P. TTs). Can someone tell me if the preceding issue(No. 1 of 10/25/98) or earlier used this same footnote/text format or if this is a change in style?

-- Steve Donaldson (stevedonaldson@mindspring.com), May 14, 2002


Thanks to offline communication from the webmaster and another knowledgeable RR historian ETT student, I can now answer my own question, in case anyone else got interested. The new modern or current format has been in use since April, 1986(TT#3) with ex-SP branches following suit since folded in two years later. While only a technicality, this trivia fascinates me and perhaps certain others of you out there. Tnx for help from those who leant it.

-- Steve Donaldson (stevedonaldson@mindspring.com), July 22, 2002.

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