9x12 cm filmholders

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hi i am interested in using these w/ a 4x5 camera.it is my understanding that they will fit and that it is film size not holder size that is different from standard 4x5,is this correct? also, is this a common filmsize in Europe? tha

-- robert (ralfoto@aol.com), May 14, 2002


Hi, I use to have two of them , they are externally equal to a normal 4x5 holder, what differs is the internal slot that houses the cut film. I believe no one is using this film anymore, at least in Italy. Bye

-- Roberto Manderioli (ik4jqw@amsat.org), May 14, 2002.

9X12 is not uncommon, but most films can nowadays just as easily be found in 4X5" format. In Sweden I'd say the spread in usage is 50-50. (This depends on there being a lot of 9X12 filmholders still in use in Europe.)
And yes, the outside dimensions of 9X12 and 4X5 filmholders respectively are the same.

-- Björn Nilsson (b.w.nilsson@telia.com), May 14, 2002.


In the UK you would have a real problem finding 9x12 anywhere. It would probably have to be a special order and no stockist I know of carries it.

I once had a couple of fidelity holders that looked like regular 4x5 double dark slides but inside had permanent 9x12 inserts.

-- colin (cicarron@aol.com), May 14, 2002.


9x12 is still a common size at least in Germany. Some films (e.g. AGFA) are significantly cheaper here in 9x12cm than in 4x5", but not all sorts are availiable in 9x12cm. The holder is esentially the same with narrower guides at the three closed sides. I, personally, find that the aspect ratio of 9x12cm has even a 'compositional edge' over 4x5". Check out your ground glass. Most do not have croppings for 9x12cm. Cut a passepartout for a simple workaround, which is usually better than obeying the cropping marks during composition.


-- Thilo Schmid (tschmid@2pix.de), May 14, 2002.

In Spain you can find either 4x5 or 9x12, but I think that is easier to find 4x5 in all the film types. The 9x12 sheet film perhaps is sold only for older cameras.

-- jose angel (acquatek@teleline.es), May 16, 2002.

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