I need the ryhme scene for Evening Star!!!!!!

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I would like the ryhme scene for Evening Star. Also i would like to know if it is lyrical, dramatic, or narrative. Thank you!

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002


First I would divide the poem into three sections: the description of the Moon reigning in the night sky, the effect on the poet when a cloud passes so he turns to Venus, then the argument for his preference for the Evening Star. The Moon is vast but cold while Venus's light is dearer to his heart. A lyrical poem as a refelction by the poet upon gazing at the sky. A sonnet-like conceit and tripartite movement. Then the rhyme scheme chages according to these divisions. The first short eight have two rhymes abcbdefe. The second section begins with a couplet separating another rhyme aabccb up to a third separated rhyme. The same scheme then continues in his concluding argument. "And dearer thy beam shall be;" This is an early experiment(1827) unrevised but shows this inclusion of an extra rhyme line for emphasis or transition.

For Poe the significance of Venus is ideal, warm, hopeful love that restores his soul. The Moon is more ambiguous and threatening. You get the sense of Poe identifying with the small and faraway, yet more brilliant, while in unaffectionate awe at the power of the greater orb which is smaller. He might later in his life relate that to his experience of the world and his ideal in various ways but that goes beyond this poem.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

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