What poem depicted Edgar Allan Poe as a captain of a ship in a storm who enjoyed the storm?

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There is a poem by a famous author, I think it might have been Mark Twain or Walt Whitman, which depicts Edgar Allan Poe as the captain of a ship in a terrible storm. He is said to have enjoyed the terror of the storm. Can you tell me the name of the poem and who the writer is?

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002


Walt Whitman gave a brief description of Poe something like that and of course he wrote the poem "O Captain My Captain" about Lincoln. So it is easy to confuse the two. Whitman was a young man entering journalism so he can be forgiven his impression of Poe being over romantic and a bit off base. The actual quote can be read in a good biography and resembles the first boating scene of the Pym novel.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

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