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Folks, I'm wondering if my experience is unique. I joined the FABC Queensland branch last November. A month or so after sending in my form and subscription I received a receipt and membership card. Since then nothing - not a newsletter, notification of meetings or events, list of contacts or office bearers, welcoming letter, etc. - absolutely nothing. I'm considering asking for my money back. I certainly won't be renewing my membership.

I joined because I was concerned with the way the ABC was being destroyed by inadequate funding and political manipulation but I can't see the FABC having any chance of changing this situation if it can't organise itself on a more professional basis.

And what a sorry mess (with a few exceptions) the FABC web sites are. The Friends could certainly do a lot better job of presenting themselves online. There is little or no consistency between the sites and they are, in many instances, woefully out of date. There is duplication of information (which leads to inaccuracy), difficulty in navigating some sites and some inadequate design. The FABC is dealing with national organisations - the ABC, the government etc. - so why is it so disjointed? Why does every state have a different (sometimes meaningless) URL for their web sites and why are they all so stylistically different? I could go on but suggest you look at them for yourselves and you'll see what I mean.

So, have I got this wrong? Am I the only one who feels this way? Is there anyone out there?

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002


Dear Ken,

You are right about our web sites. They are a bit of a mess. Our national conference in Canberra ten days ago discussed this issue and agreed that the sites need to be brought up to date, and kept up to date. Work has begun on that project and we should see some results soon.

While each state and territory has its own ideas about site design and content, the conference did develop some guidelines for the national site, and suggested that we standardise on a common Friends of the ABC logo.

The latest edition of Backgroun Briefing, our national newsletter, should be available next week.

Darce Cassidy National Spokesperson

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

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