I need an analysis of Annabel Lee by TONIGHT!!!

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i have to do a 12 page analysis on Annabel Lee and i have no clue what the crap he was thinking when he wrote this poem. i dunno what hes talkin about. some questions i have to answer are what is the imaginative meaning?...and...What is the meaning as related to universal truth? WHAT THE CRAP!!! im only 15 and in 10th grade...im no rocket scientist...i have no idea! so if anybody is out that that knows just the least bit about what my phyco teacher is getting us to answer could you please email ASAP!!! thanx! ...its due tomorrow, 5/13/02! i need help NOW!!!

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002


Sorry this is late, but I know a few things. If you look at the way he wrote the poem and the flow of the rythm you might notice loss of love. Meaning that he was probably thinking of his dead wife or his lost fiance. You can never really know waht he was thinking, but you can figure out who. The poem was about the love someone had or he had, but was lost by the death of whom he loved. If you take a look at the relationship he had with his wife, Virginia Clemm, they were deeply in love. Shortly after the death of Virginia Clemm Poe, Poe fell into a deep depression. The poem was the last known poem from Poe. After the death of Poe, many woman claim to be the girl in the poem. Yet it talks about the death of a girl. Most likely what was going on in his mind that night or day was his dead wife Virginia.

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

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