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I have a Aristo d-2HI cold light. Is it a variable intensity light? Can it be used with a Zone VI Stabilizer? What are the advantages of a Hi Intensity Cold Light. This light came with my Beseler 45 enlarger that I bought from a student.

-- Spencer Hughes (, May 12, 2002


hi spencer - i have the same cold light head. variable intensity? if it has the v54 phosphor it is formulated to print with vc as well as graded papers. ( the light is sort of greenish-blue) if it has the w45 phosphor it is an older unit. you can send it to aristo and for somethign like $100 they will install a new tube ( v54) and make sure the heater is to "spec" ... (basicly make your d2-hi brand new again :) )

the d2-hi means that the cold light source is 50% brighter than the standard d2 ... you will need to stop down all the way to get longer exposure times if printing smaller than about 11x14, and if you print larger it is great ... you don't have to open your lens up to get more light.

aristo also makes a dimmer .. you could probably make one yourself if you are handy. they are able to cut the light something like 4 stops, so you don't have to stop down to f32 or f45... i bought one of aristo's dimmers and find it priceless.

best of luck

-- jnanian (, May 12, 2002.

Your Aristo head (with or without the updated V54 tube for VC paper discussed above) can be used with a Zone VI Stabilizer. The Zone VI Stabilizer is designed to work with a photocell that needs to be installed in the cold light head. Although the Zone VI Stabilizer is no longer made, I believe it uses the same photocell as the Zone VI Compensating Enlarger Timer (still manufactured). The Zone VI Photocell and Receptical can be purchased from Calumet Photo for about $55.

You can use the Zone VI Stabilizer without the photocell and still achieve very good stabilization, especially if you turn down the intensity on the stabilizer to no more than about 75% of full brightness. Since you have the high intensity Aristo Head, this sound like a reasonable solution.

-- Michael Feldman (, May 13, 2002.

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