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I am interested in buying a densitiometer but most densitiometers appear to be made for color. Can a color unit be also used for black and white? Sincerely, Jerry Cunningham

-- Jerry Cunningham (, May 12, 2002


Hi jerry

Yes color densitometers will do B&W negs, I teach a lot of B&W negative classes, and I own four densitometers. I have two old? Kodak opticals, and two newer X-rite digitals. The old kodaks which can be found for well under a hundred dollars were within .01 of the newer x-rite's and the specs for both are +-.02 This is using four different calibrated step wedges.The kodaks are for color also.

Unless you are testing a lot of different films,you wouldn't find that big of a need. I only use them because of the testing for film speeds in my classes. Hope that answers a few of your questions.

-- Don Cameron (, May 12, 2002.

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