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Heart Waves 2002 TOOT is a Leave No Trace Theme Camp Aspirant.

Please read the links here. These threads will be FULLY DEVELOPING during the Month of July.

Leave No Trace at Burning Man

Tips from the Earth Guardians

Camp Landshark has a Good Clean Up plan

The standards the BRC clean-up crews have to meet are stringent. We can help them when we know what they are - BLM Standards

Garbage and Recycling info on the BM site:
Good links for an overview of the garbage scene at Burning man. For those of you planning on going to the dump, remember: There are no dumps on the Playa. Imagine thousands of people going to the dump on the same day. In the desert. After a *very* long weekend doing lots of things that don't necessarily make you the sweetest, ungrumpiest person in the world... Would you want to do that? Maybe you won't have to, if you pack in *nothing* you don't plan to pack out.

Last Year's Messy Party Poopers left some pretty big traces. Don't ask what's in the bucket.

-- cynthony (c ynthony@skymind.org), May 12, 2002


Our Clean-Up strategy is evolving. To Date, all Heart Wavers should plan for:

1. Leave No Trace is our aspiration - Leaving Only Energy is our Dream

2. Pack it in - Pack it out - If you brought it, you take it home.

3. Take some others' MOOP Back - we've got truck space - Give lots of MOOP away...

4. EVERYONE comes equipped with personal LNT tools - bags, gloves, etc. Check the list - this is REQUIRED

5. Everyone donates time to MOOP activities and EG/BRC Clean-up.

6. Grey and White Water areas for washing - the Well and Potlach Areas are for water use! Recycling is mandatory.

7. BRC Survival Guide information will be followed.

8. Personal kitchens are guided by LNT principles - pack out your OWN kitchen and camp waste. Don't leave it for Heart Waves or BRC.

9. Glass is minimized - ideally eliminated. 10. Nightly potluck dinners will help with the full distribution of all prepared food - no waste/no compost. Personal utensils are ALWAYS encouraged, in and out of camp.

11. All structures have a wind and rain plan in place and reviewed by others to help plan and be back-up in emergencies.

-- cynthia (cabeal@efn.org), June 24, 2002.


Here are some ways to share some of your spare time in BRC. You'll have it, and volunteering with the Earth Guardians is appreciated by all. : :: : : : : : :: : : :

-- cynthia (cabeal@efn.org), June 19, 2002.

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