Why was Gorden completly unfazed by Amy blatantly cheating on him?

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When Xavier declares to Gorden that he slept with Amy; Gorden doesn't seem to mind and when he talks to her by himself he makes it very clear that he doesn't. When he sees Amy in the actual act he proceeds to have a quik wank. Why is this? It could just be Gordans submissive nature. Prehaps the homosexual ties are stronger than the heterosexual ones (there is a hell of a lot of evidence to support this)and Gorden just sees this as a way of getting closer to Xavier. This theory is a little flawed in view of the ending where Gorden screams "I love you Amy" and neglects saying his good-byes to poor Xavier. I'd love to hear peoples thourghts.

-- recreational_drug (dean@ak.planet.gen.nz), May 12, 2002

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