Why were their so many loose ends?

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Many things in the movie went completely un-answered or just never again come up such as: Gordans ear-ring being found as evidence after the first murder,the Feds deciding to pursue Amy, Parker Posey(I can't remember the characters name) saying that she will find and kill Amy and the list of un-answered randomness goes on. Why did the movie do this? It may just be the obvious alternative nature of the film another suggestion is that it ran out of money half way through. Whateva it was i loved it; do other people feel the same way?

-- recreational_drug (dean@ak.planet.gen.nz), May 12, 2002


It's nice to have at least one reply in this pathetic excuse for a forum and i would take up the argument and refer you to some sites understanding how morons might interperet the movie. But since it's just you Sam I'm happy just to leave you with the implyed insult and wait till i can get this forum linked somewhere...

-- recreational_drug (dean@ak.planet.gen.nz), May 16, 2002.

I think youll find the movies loose ends were due to its being a big random piece of shit dude. I dont think that movie had one redeeming feature. I suppose it might appeal to some phsychotic retard. No offence or anything but I think it might pay for you to reconsider your tastes.

-- Forscenics (Boss1@hotmail.com), May 14, 2002.

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