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I found an Omega D2 for around $200, including shipping. It includes a 135 lens, 6x6 film carrier, lamphouse D, and a variable condensor. From the research I have done, this seems like a fair price. However, I want to continue to develop 35mm negs. If I am correclty interpreting what I have read, I can use the Omega D2 for 35mm, if I buy a decent 50 mm lens. Is this correct? Please advise me!

Thanks. Anne

-- Anne Wimberly (, May 11, 2002


Anne, the D2 is a beautifu enlarger for 35mm. If you think you will ever shoot anything larger, (meduim format), an 80mm lens mounted on a flate lens plate will work for both formats. Is the 135 lens mounted on a cone? That lens is designed for 4x5 format and wil not work with your 35mm film. Joel

-- Joel Brown (, May 11, 2002.

I regularly print 35mm through 4x5 on an Omega D2 enlarger here at school with excellent results. If I were printing nothing but 35mm, I would prefer to use my old beat-up Leitz Valoy II, but as a good all-around enlarger, the Omegas are hard to beat. If you don't have the variable condenser accessory (and this might only apply to the older Omegas) you might want to try to find the appropriate set of dedicated condensers for the 35mm format.

-- David Munson (, May 12, 2002.

Anne, I have been using an Omega D-2 for fifty two years. I learned to print on one while in school, and have used a D-2 ever since. I have a 135 lens mounted in a matching lens cone that I use for 4x5 negatives, only. I also have a 50mm lens mounted on a flat lensboard for my 35 mm negs. You will need to find a 35mm neg. carrier, a 50mm lens, as well as a flat lensboard for your 35mm enlargements. If you are enlarging 4x5 negs, you will need a 4x5 neg carrier and a cone for the 135 lens. Unless you are using 6x6 negs, the 6x6 carrier is useless. If you happen to be shooting 6x6, you will need an 80mm lens. It will work on the flat lensboard. The variable condenser is a great feature. You will need it for 35mm. Parts and accessories are available for the D-2 from many sources. Harry, at classic- is one source. Midwest Photo Exchange has neg carriers and lensboards ( You made a wise choice when you chose the Omega D-2. Mine has been converted to a cold light Zone VI VC lamphouse, but you can use the variable condenser lamphouse with filters above, or below the lens for VC printing. Just remember to change the variable setting for the size of your negative.

-- Eugene (, May 12, 2002.

A quick lesson in mechanics. The greater the distance between supports, the precisely you can align a surface. Also, the more stable it will be. IMHO, the 4x5 Omegas are superior for 35mm work because they are fully alignable, it can be done to great precision, and they stay aligned. Illumination is generally even. They can be fixed forever and parts are easily available or fabricated. All you need is a flat lensboard and a decent 50mm lens. The only downside is that these machines are big. You won't want to move it around once set up.

-- Conrad Hoffman (, May 12, 2002.

Is the enlarger you want to purchase a D2V? ("V" for variable.) I would only get a D2V, since they have the advantage of having a condenser unit that is adjustable for different enlarger lens focal lengths. Otherwise, it may be necessary to have a separate set of condensers for different enlarger lenses.

-- neil poulsen (, May 12, 2002.

A D-2 was my 1st en;arger, and I will always have a good opinion of it. That being said, for my taste, my printing went better after I installed a piece of drafting vellum under the bottom condenser to smooth out the light output. It was a cheap fix to the high contrast look I now usually associate with student work. It ate up about 1 stop of light, which was tolerable, and reduced so many hours of spotting,etc.

-- Gary Meader (, May 13, 2002.

I use a D2 for 35mm (and MF & LF, of course) and while you can use it as is, you would be best off purchasing a flat holder for a 50mm lens. These are sold on Ebay quite regularly. I bought mine for about $25.

As the enlarger is now, a 35mm negative will not print to a full 8x10 at full column height.

-- Brian C. Miller (, May 13, 2002.

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