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I am trying to find locations of Richard Herring's planing mills. I believe he took over the California Planing Mill, the Buell Planing Mill and the Moore Planing Mill. Richard Herring died in San Francisco on 20 October 1913 and lived at 666-6th Ave. i believe he had some association with the Builders Exchange ay Jesse Street in 1908. Where would I start looking for locations of these mills?

-- David John Nelson (, May 11, 2002


David...i always start with my old SF city directory. the one i have is 1907. Buell was owned and operated by G.A. Buell mfrs of mill and cabinet work at 730 to 748 Hooper St. California planing mills, mfrs house movers, movers and box rollers and flag poles, ship work was a specialy at 645 to 655 Bryant St R.B. Moore mill were dealers in Oregon pine, redwood, sugar and white pine lumber at 872 Folsom and their planing mill was next door to California at 657 to 665 Bryant St. hope this helps

-- mike dempsey (, May 13, 2002.

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