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I use Winwods media player/ Jet audio/vidieo / Radlight player for playing movies on my PC (Celeron 933 Mz, 128MB Ram) It plays a number of movies......but their are certain movies specially copied movies of E.g. "A beautiful mind" just wont run and the folloing message is displayed: Using Windows Media Player and Windows Media Services on the same computer Error ID = 0x8007001F, Remedy ID = 0x00000000

This error happens if you use Microsoft Windows Media Services and Windows Media Player on the same computer and attempt to view a file in Windows Media Player that is streamed by the same server.

Windows Media Player must be installed on a different computer than Windows Media Services.

Can some onee tell me why some VCDs work and others don't......????

-- Anirban Ghose (, May 10, 2002

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