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Hi community. Sorry for my english. I have a lot of F1n, and last week i bought, in a vintage fair, a Metz45CT5. The flash has a connecting cable to the circular socket of the left side of the body ( i dont remember the english name for it). What will i have more if i would by a SCA connector for the syncro connector on the top of the finder ? In other words, will my F1n set by itself the proper fstop or time if connected with a SCA system ???? Thanks in advantage.

-- Francesco (, May 10, 2002


I don't have a Metz flash, but assuming it would work the same way as a Canon speedlite, then if you have the old-style (all mechanical) F1n, then I don't think you will get any automatic functions; if you have the new-style F1N then it will probably set the shutter speed (and give you some information in the viewfinder, depending on what finder you are using) and will also set the f-stop if you have a motordrive or winder fitted.

-- Jeremy (, May 11, 2002.

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