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I've been hearing about a new TMax, produced in brand new factory, and that it may have different development characteristics. Am I going to have to redo my calibrations for this new film?

I think that they have two different names. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the new on is something like Professional TMax Film where as the older one is TMax Film Professional. (Or something like that.)

Does anyone know more detail about this change?

-- neil poulsen (, May 10, 2002


As I understand it, you are correct that there are new and slightly different TMax films being made at a new plant somewhere in Fla. I don't know the exact differences, but I think it is good that Kodak has decided to give these new films such different names than those used for the older films. That way there will be no confusion about which is which. Ha!!!Ha!!!

-- Ken Burns (, May 10, 2002.

I wrote to Kodak about the confusion. It sounds like they will still be making the old emulsion, as well as the new one, at the new plant--at least that's what I get from the following reply: "All of the current T-MAX films will be coated at the new facility. There will be no change to the emulsion or to the base. The T-MAX glass plates will be coted at their existing facility. Thank you for visiting the Kodak web site"

-- Jeanne Flowers (, June 04, 2002.

The published development times for the new TMX (100) have been reduced by about 25% for D76 (1:1 small tank). The new TMY (400) times have not changed. The new Plus-X development times increased 20%. Someone else posted on another forum that there is more of a shoulder on the new TMX film based upon published specs that they saw (sorry I don't have a link). No times were published in the document below for the new Tri-X. I do not know of anyone who has verified the new times (relatively speaking) published by Kodak.

Here are the published development times using D76 for the old and new versions of the films. html (remove any imbedded blanks in the above link that were inserted by the forum software)

Assuming that the new Kodak recommended development times are accurate (not in absolute terms, but in relative terms to the old versions), then I don't believe for a second that TMX (100) has not changed, regardless of what the Kodak marketing department says. There will still be old versions of the films in the supply chain for a while.

-- Michael Feldman (, June 04, 2002.

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