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I just restored a 1976 CB550. However, now, when the bike is on, only the front side marker lights work and the rears are dead (is this normal?). But, when the blinker is turned on, the front and rear side marker lights blink fine.

I found that there is a green wire with connector that was hanging disconnected behind the area of the fuse box, however when I checked the wiring diagram on the manual, it seemed like it is indeed supposed to be just hanging.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

-- Tony Sanchez (, May 09, 2002


Hi Tony,

That is normal. If you look at the wiring diagram, you will see that the front turn signals are 3-wire and use 2 filament bulbs, whereas the rears are only 2-wire and use 1 filament bulbs. The front function as running lights in addition to turn signals.

-- Edward Crane (, May 21, 2002.

That's actually how it's supposed to be. I don't know why the rear lights aren't set up for running lights, but they are. Someone posted, either here or at the CX500 forum, that you could get a pair of 1157-style dual-contact pads for the rear lights from an automotive store and put them in place of the 1156-style single- contact pads in the rear sockets. The way he described it, you would take the old bulb and pad out of the socket, wire and all. On installing the new pad, you need to know which contact will go to which filament, as the heavier, brighter filament is for turn signals and the lighter, dimmer one is for running lights. I believe there is also a locating tab on the 1157 pad that may need to be cut off if your socket doesn't have one. You would then wire the running light contact to the running light wire for the brake light, and wire the turn signal contact to its original connection. You then put in 1157 (dual-filament) bulbs. You have to nip off the upper of the two nubs on the side of the bulb so it will fit in the 1156 socket. Re: That lone green wire, I have one as well, and it is in the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual. It's basically a ground that doesn't go anywhere. Good luck, I'm planning to try that 1157 mod when I get back to working on my bike, and I'll post my results. Nick

-- Nick Lenarz (, July 12, 2002.

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