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System crashes and/or blue screen of death on some systems having (or had) Adaptec (Roxio) EasyCD installed. Older versions of this burning program are known to cause lots of trouble in combination with other burning soft or DAEMON Tools. As EasyCD cannot create working copies or images of protected CDs we do not recommend to install it. However newer versions (4.02 and higher) seem to be less incompatible (but still are very often). Anyway these versions are still not able to create 'good' images or even copies. If you encounter problems and have or had EasyCD installed please note that a standard uninstall of EasyCD DOES NOT solve your problems as some drivers of EasyCD are not deinstalled and still loaded when booting your system (imagine this!). Just deleting these files most likely causes your system to crash during next bootup. The easiest way to remove or disable these drivers is to use the (very good) audio CD burning program 'Feurio'. This program runs a system check after installation (can also be started manually by selecting 'Extras' --> 'System Check') pointing to all potential 'trouble-makers' on your system allowing to disable/remove them.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

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