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I was in physical therapy today. Praise God that he healed my foot so I can be in physical therapy, and my physical therapist and I were talking about working out and African-American health issues. He teaches seminars and was wondering how to motivate African-Americans and Native Americans to take care of ourselves. My blood pressure is 90 over 60 and my daughter and I have low blood pressure. I go to physical therapy and the gym because I have too!! I am an insulin dependent diabetic, by going to the gym and working out, it keeps my blood sugars stable. Diabetes is a horrible painful disease, as is strokes, heart disease. What prevents people from working out and excercising? Should we focus more on our bodies as gifts from God to be taken care of? By the way I do know how hard it is to get started maybe we can help each other on the board. God bless you my A.M.E family.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002


First of all, stop saying that you are a diabetic! Yes, sometimes we go through things for not taking care of our bodies in the natural but most importantly in the spiritual. I am 28 years old and just found out that someone I was involved with has Aids. Doing research on this disease I see that many African Americans are infected. We are the leading race with this disease. Yet I will trust the Lord. I know what the doctor told me my results were on yesterday,but I know what my father told me in his word. By his stripes I am healed! We do need to take better care of ourselves, and educate ourselves on what we should do to ensure that. I know where I came from, but most importantly, I know through Christ what I have become!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

Dear Sis. Cynthia Aids is a scary disease and to hear that someone you were involved with has to be hard!! I thank you for sharing this info on the board for now I know how I can help and I am sure there are others that you will hear from. By sharing your circumstances you also help other's who are in the same boat. There are those who read this board who may be in a similar situation. Who now will have the courage to tell someone and get the medical and spiritual support they need. I share about having Diabetes in the hope that it will encourage others to get treatment. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, I have had diabetes for 38 years. Without daily injections of insulin I die. Diabetes is a genetic disease. It runs in my family Though I was not diagnosed until the age of 12 Doctors think I had it 4 to 5 years earlier for I was so sick as a child. Diabetes and Aids are both diseases that attack the major organs of the body. Education is a valuable tool for treatment of both diseases. One of the big obstacles for many diabetics is "denial" there were many years I just did not want to deal with the disease, I thought if I ignored it, or prayed over it. It would go away. It did not. It got worse! Today I thank God for the miralce of human insulin, years ago we only had pig insulin, I thank God for new monitors, disposable insulin pens, (I can enjoy fellowship hour and not have to run home). I have learned to thank God for his blessings in my life and I have asked him to let me help others with Diabetes. Cynthia, you are not alone, and you will be hearing from me privately. God is with you and he hears your prayer. I love you my sister in Christ!!

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2002

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