I will not me moved!!

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Hi, everyone it has almost been one year that my church has become A.M.E Our annual conference is in August. Starting a new church is hard work!! But it is the most exciting venture that any Christian can do. There are so many of you who have been supportive and generous to my church, I thank you all so much. And to my guardian angels the 6th district lay organization, you will here from me very soon. My daughter and I have adopted an attitude of "We will not be moved!" We have been obiedent to God and started this church and became A.M.E I always tell people I am a pit bull and I will not let go of the hem of Christ. Have you had times when you held on to Jesus and said "I will not be moved?" I know my sisters and brothers sometimes it seems easier to do what others say to do. I am excited to hear about your experiences, for it will strengthen all of us on the board. May God bless you and protect you!

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

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