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Greetings. This is a first post from a short term lurker.

I just got my first M body within the last couple of weeks. A friend of mine has been going on to me about the virtues of Leica to me for 10-15 years now. More to the point - he's been trying to drag me out of the SLR world and I've been kicking and screaming about it all the way.

Two weeks ago, that all changed. He came over my place for my birthday and brought me a present. A very nice user condition M4-2 (with the M6 framelines), an MR-4 meter, and (probably to pay tribute to my EOS 3) an M4-2 winder. Wow. What a present. What a friend.

I want to say that now "I've seen the light" - but that would sound like an awful pun that I wouldn't be able to talk my way out of.

I'm not sure what to say about it that's not been said. This camera is a joy to use. I absolutly love it. The glass amazes me. The quiet little thump of the cloth shutter enthrals me. When I take pictures of people in the wild, they see right through me. I walk taller and I jump higher (the full EOS system weighs a LOT!).

A couple of pictures from my first roll of film through it seemed in order. I borrowed a couple of lenses from Mike (my friend) and went out and about with him a couple of days after he gave it to me. The first (appropriatly?) is of Mike, taken with his 50mm Summicron. The second picture, was with his 35mm Summicron. For this shot, I was simply trying to see what kind of contrast range I'd be able to grab, when a this.

2-much-phun! /randy

-- Randy (, May 08, 2002


Oops!!! Blew a link in my firs posting.

Starting with the last line, that begins with "For this shot, ..." the rest of the posting should read :

For this shot, I was simply trying to see what kind of contrast range I'd be able to grab, when a woman and her dog came walking into the picture, so I included them to keep it interesting. If anyone cares, the film was Supra 400.

I'm just not ready to give up my SLR yet. Just for reasons like this.



At least, it went something like that.

Cheers - /r

-- Randy Samos (, May 08, 2002.

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