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Ok, i have a Jukebox (or Wurlitzer, if you want to call it) and i buy a kit who can reproduce Video CD's, as another audio disc, with the difference that we have also video on the tracks (off course!). The problem is when i make the recording process on Nero Burning Rom (after the ripping process, when i extract the flies from the DVD, and transform into an .avi files) the FIRST track of the Video CD appears on the Jukebox as the SECOND track. Damn it!! Somebody knows how to make it works fine? (first track on the list of songs, first track on the CD to the Jukebox).


-- CLOBOS (, May 08, 2002


The first track on a leigitimate VCD IS always the SECOND track when viewed as a directory listing and also from the VCD layout point, necessary because there has to be an independent track to put play and interactive information in (in the case of VCD ver 2.0). This is fixed and standard and perhaps by some way can be changed but the result can NO longer be considered a legitimate VCD adhering to White Book. Best you tweak Jukebox instead? You can probably just do a CD- ROM of the MPEGs but as far as I'm aware this will create just one big single track, worse than what u need.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 09, 2002.

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