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Where might I find info, or go about getting information regarding printing b&W on alternative surfaces? ie. glass, acrylic, or wood Is liquid light any good? Is there anything better? Thanks, John

-- John Carolan (, May 08, 2002


I have worked with the Luminos product, only on alternative papers though, and like that one in particular. It is VC and alot more neutral than the Liquid Light which is really soft contrast and brown. I can send you a portrait if you want. I double coat and add a little print developer into the emulsion before I start to give it more speed.

-- Scott Walton (, May 17, 2002.

John, You need the book "SILVER GELATIN" [a users guide to liquid photographic emulsions] by Martin Reed & Sarah Jones [UK] ISBN 0-924346-1-X [ Working Books Ltd.] If its not in there, you dont need it! Aso try the Fotospeed liquid emulsion [] or UK or USA. Good luck! Merv Cannon AAIPP

-- Merv Cannon (, May 20, 2002.

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