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I am new to DCC systems, but a Model Railroader 30+ years. I started with a Digitrax UT2 and then added a DT300. I think I mastered the UT2, and then tried the DT300. I was able to operate an Atlas Dash 8 with the DT300 and a Bachmann Shay with SoundTrax with the UT2.

I tried operating the Shay with the DT300 and it continues to run the Dash 8 as well as the Shay, even when addressed to the Shay. I can't recaptured the shay with the UT2 throttle. No other functions other than speed, and direction work with the shay with the UT2 throttle.

Did I accidently consist the two loco's with the DT300 and if I did, how do I undo the problem I created?

Help. Thanks.


-- Greg Haacke (GregHaacke@worldnet.att.net), May 08, 2002


I may not be interpreting your situation correctly. If I am, your command station has a locomotive in it that you "lost." You have severa choices.

1. Have your command station purge all locomotives. This is easy to do, but since it purges ALL, you wouldn't want to do this when operating with friends as you will purge everyone. Save this choice for last. Read your command station manual and look at the option settings. This will tell you how to purge.

2. The more common way to regain control over a lost locomotive is to "steal" it back. Read your DT300 manual on how to do that. This you should know how to do. Batteries falling out, gone dead, etc. can result in a lost loco. So stealing back is worth knowing. This is easy, too.

3. If you MU'd your locos together, The DT300 manual has a section on that and can tell you how to un-MU the locomotives. Once you un-MU them, you will probably have to steal back one of them.

After stealing back locos, you can dispatch them to other throttles or simply dispatch them from the throttle so that the system no longer thinks it has this lost locomotive

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@WiringForDCC.com), May 08, 2002.

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