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I need to know how to convert an asf file to vcd. and what softwate i have to use for that.

I need to convert them to VCD and then record them to VCD format (thats can be played from VCD Player) and record them using my CD Writer. I would appreciate you kind assistance...

-- Nasrullah (, May 08, 2002


Though i believe that M$ dislikes when somebody messes with their toys, and dunno is this legal, it's up to you (so i wash my hands clean of this :), i suggest you this trick: If it's with MsMpeg4: You'll need :VirtualDub ver 1.3.x- forgot which exactly, one released before M$ "asked" to remove ASF support (or 1.4.x with asf hack - search for it on web) and DivX codec on your system. When opening file with VDub, check "popup extended options" and set "force video format FOURCC code" to "div3" - then set video to direct stream copy and save file - an voila, you'll get DivX3.x compliant (as old DivX is hack of MsMpeg4 codec) avi, which you can easily transfer to mpeg1 format by TMPGEnc or similar program.

If your ASF encoded with other codec(is there any?) : skip popup options and just open file, select video>fast recompress, select your favourite codec (i recommend either DivX5.02Pro or XviD, quality based -100%) and save file - this will take longer, and bit lower quality, but must work. Caveat - file can be significantly larger than original! After - mpeg1 encoder do the rest. And for WMA audio you'll certainly need old DivX3.x - i recommend Kristal Studios DivX3.2, as original 3.11 tends to be removed if you install DivX5 (though movies with other sound formats still play w/o problems) After that WinOnCD or Nero gladly will check mpeg1 file to vcd compliance (that's why i recommend TMPGEnc - just choose video profile :) and write VCD.

-- Chyron (, May 19, 2002.

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