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I am new to this. My wife has some chinese VCDs. She would like to listen to some of the songs from these on our car's CD player. How can I tranfer the audio?

I have NERO 5.5.

TIA Adam

-- adam lang (, May 08, 2002


Hi Adam, It can be done:-

Step 1 - Place The VCD in your computer

Step 2 - Download and install vcd Gear Run Vcd gear, in the Extraction/Conversion Pull Down Menu Select dat->mpeg, now click on the load button and go to the Drive that the vcd is in, look for a folder on the vcd called MPEGAV now select the file called avseq01.dat, there may be more files there if your vcd has chapters if that is the case select the chapter you want. Ok now choose where u want to save your mpeg on your computer and then click start, may take a few minutes.

Step 3 - Download another program called virtual dub Start up Virtual Dub, Go to File> Open Video File and locate the mpeg you made from step 2. Now Go to File> and select save wav.. (this will save the sound from the mpeg)

Step 4 - Open up nero, select audio cd, find the wav you just saved, and make your cd - voila you now have an audio cd!

Hope this helps adam if you get stuck let me know.

-- ian smith (, May 30, 2002.

I follow the steps above to extract the audio from a vcd. But when i use virtualdub to open the mpeg file(from step 2), i got this error "MPEG import filter: packet sync error on packet stream (41bfc)". What went wrong? please help. thanks

-- LoAn (, November 18, 2003.

vcd to audio cd

-- hasan rafiq (, December 06, 2003.

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