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1) a 300 'big bet' bank will be maintained (for the most part) as illustrated...

     BR          Limit     SD/Hour
   0 - 2400         6         81
2400 - 3000         8        108
3000 - 3600        10        135
3600 - 4800        12        162
4800 - 5400        16        216
5400 - 6000        18        243
6000 - 9000        20        270
9000 - 12K         30        405
 12K & up          40        540


the bank will only be less than 300 big bets if the total BR is less than $1800.

if i find some limit game not listed on the table above, i will only play it if there are 300 big bets in the bank to play at that level.

"kill" games are irrelevant as far as figuring what stakes the BR can support... ($3500 can support a 5-10 game with a full kill)

quite likely i will sometimes play at limits lower than what the bankroll can support. this is a question of game selection... sometimes the higher EV game is at the lower stakes game (depends on the lineup of players at the table).

2) bank is broken after any session in which the BR has fallen to less than $100 OR the bank has incresed to 125% of it's original value... (eg 3000 => 3750)

3) a session bankroll (ie stoploss) is set to 1/5 of what the BR was when the session began. then the bank must be re-evaluated to determine what game limits are still playable.

4) distribution of winning is 50/50...
   - 50% of profits go to investors
   - 50% of profits go to me (the player)

5) no online games
   no tournaments (except freerolls)
   no pot-limit or no-limit games (except freeroll tournaments)
   no video poker
   no blackjack
   just real live poker (whatever i feel competent at)...
   ... generally hold'em or omaha hi/lo

6) tips to dealer come from BR; tips to cocktail waitresses do not.

7) if a w2-g is filled out due to my winnings, then 10% of that win will immediately go in my pocket to help defray my tax liablility. it will be noted in my accounting.

8) the 'team' covers no expenses except those detailed in (6) & (7).

9) assumptions...
   EV = 1 big bet per hour
   SD = 13.5 big bets per hour

10) results and accounting will be made available to investors frequently (posted here on this website and/or by phone consultation)

11) i (the player) will get a paltry $1 per hour advance against my final earn. if there is no earn, then the investors eat it.

12) any changes to these guidelines will have to be made between banks, or only with the consent of all involved (player & investors).

13) freeroll tourneys that i earned a seat in via team money... if i win (and there is currently a team bank), then it is a team win (not a personal win).

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2002

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