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1)Remove the background from the logo so that we can just specify the colour of the background (and thereby make the file smaller and download times faster).

2) make the "one" template files (who.htm and name.htm) so they scale smaller on smaller browser windows.

3) make all file have the same file extension ( i suggest html, no need to support M$ anymore than necessary)

4) on the 'parks pages,' make the map link to a zoomed in map page the pops-up when you click the map. This hsould be a template file also. We could use the same map for both, just scale the map down on the main page, although this might require unacceptable load times.

5) on the 'parks pages,' fix/revisit the border around many of the tables such as "Sponsors" and "Top company..." on a Netscape browser. The red border does not seem to work.

6) add a "page last modified" date to all pages, and a version number

7) find the Photoshop tutorial on how to simulate motion blurs (and bookmark it), so we can replicate the same effect with the existing cyclist photo. Also, maybe find some royalty-free images if we don't want to try and replace the existing ones with our own.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2002

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