1854: What was at corner of Kearny and Sacramento?

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During the filibustering expedition of William Walker to Baja in 1853-54, it was widely reported that a flag of the "New Republic" was hoisted at the corner of Kearny and Sacramento streets. So far, all I've been able to establish is that there was a cistern at this corner, but I haven't been able to identify any buildings or businesses. Does anybody have any idea what structures and/or offices were located at this point? Also, given the time, would this have been considered a central point in the business district or on the periphery? What major structures/businesses were nearby?

-- Chris Nelson (cnelson@computer.org), May 07, 2002


These two images are of that intersection about 1860:

http://libweb.sfpl.org/cgibin/tramp2.exe/goto/A02kv362.005? screen=Record.html&server=photos&item=1&item_source=photos

http://libweb.sfpl.org/cgibin/tramp2.exe/goto/A02kv362.005? screen=Record.html&server=photos&item=2&item_source=photos

Thereís a city view from the 1850s here:

http://libweb.sfpl.org/cgibin/tramp2.exe/authority_hits/A02kv362.001? server=photos&item=2

If those links donít work, go to


and click on Ebooks, Newspapers, Magazines and Other Electronic Resources. Click on the historical photographs collection and browse the subjects. Itís really addictive.

-- Bad Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), May 08, 2002.

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