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does anyone have experience of the Ebony extension backs, and will they fit all the 4x5 cameras please?

-- Robin Coutts (robin.rocket@virgin.net), May 07, 2002


I had the SAME questions a month ago and called Jeff at Badger Graphic, which has them in stock and he's knowledgeable.

I have an SW45 and the back fits perfectly. It makes the camera a little bulky but it's worth it to be able to use a 210 or 240 at full extention.

One little advantage is that the extender back provides some rear tilt and swing, which the SW45 does not come with naturally.

Hope this helps!


-- David G Hall (me@davidghall.com), May 07, 2002.

Robin, I use the 452 extender back on my SW45 - its really opened up using longer lenses! The SW is designed for lenses up to 180mm, however at this focal length you are rapidly running out of bellows draw! With the 452 I find that I can use the 180mm for closer shots - in effect it adds just less than 4 inches to the bellows when fully extended or about 2 inches when closed. The rear movements that it offers are limited but are useful for landscapes. You can squeeze about 10 degrees of forward and backward tilt and about 5 degrees right and left swing. The build quality is exemplary - although an accessory it "looks" and fits as if it was made for my particular camera!! It is very light in weight but a bit bulky. However, I now have a lightweight, wide-angle field camera together with a more "all round" camera when I need it - if I'm not using longer lenses I just leave it at home!! The "top hat" extension panel will give you longer length too, but the 452 is handy for the movements it offers as well as the extension factor. As far as I know the 452 will fit any Ebony camera, but it is designed for the likes of the SW and the RSW. FWIW, Robert White has some good prices on Ebony cameras and accessories.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), May 07, 2002.


I have an SW23 and the smaller 692 extender for the 6x9 Ebony. I also have a top hat panel.

The top hat panel is light and compact, but the camera balances better when the extender back is used.

The Ebony website specifies that the 452 fits the 45S and SW45 models. You really should ask a retailer if you intend to use the extender on another camera. Best regards, Åke

-- Ake Vinberg (ake@vinberg.nu), May 07, 2002.

How much does the 692 extender way (approximately)? Is it bulky like the other extenders? Thanks.

-- Howard Slavitt (info@enaturephoto.com), May 07, 2002.


I think I'll write that SW23 review this weekend, I have taken notes for two months now. I promise to put lots of photos in thew review page.

Regarding flange focal distance, I looked up these values: 4.5/35 Apo-Grandagon 43.2 mm 5.6/38 Super Angulon XL 52.1 mm 5.6/47 Super Angulon XL 59.1 mm

I have the 47 SAXL, and there is plenty of room for the 20 degree tilt that this camera is limited to. The corresponding swing works fine too. 30mm rise & shift should be OK - after that the bellows gets in the way.

The 38 SAXL on a 7mm recessed board should work fine. I'm not sure about the 35 Grandagon, since its flange focal distance is so short.

Max extension with two tophats and extender back is 157 + 90 + 34 + 34 = 315 mm. To allow some focusing, 80% of that is 252 mm, so a 240 should work. BUT: It better not be heavy! My 180 Apo-Symmar weighs about 410 grams, and with that one on two top hat tubes and the front standard focusing fully extended there is a lot of weight very much off-center, and very little focusing rail holding the front standard.

I normally use the 180 with one tophat and no extender back. This works great. The Nikkor-M 200 would probably be a great light-weight lens for this setup, but then two tubes or the extender back would be required. This camera really is made for wideangle lenses.

I think that if you want longer lenses than 200mm then you should really look at the SW45 with a reducing back. Not much more weight and size, plus the focusing bed is a little longer so it's more stable and has 30mm more maximum extension without compromising the minimum extension.

The extender back weighs in at 412 grams, the SW23 body at 1311 grams.

Best regards,


-- Ake Vinberg (ake@vinberg.nu), May 09, 2002.

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