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If you have a "GAIN" (Gone Away Information Network) status registered on your credit file, does this mean that the Police are automatically brought in, as GAIN is part of CIFAS?

Also, if you have left your existing residence and failed to tell those organisations where you have credit facilities and still owe money, do they first move to obtain a CCJ and then as you are no longer at that address, move to getting a GAIN status registered at your last known address?

-- Darren Jones (, May 06, 2002


Involvement of the police depends if there is an intent to commit fraud or not. Careful how you answer.

-- Too scared to say (, May 06, 2002.

Surely if you have been repaying any committments for say 1-2 years and you move away and fail to leave a forwarding address, surely this is not fraud, rather you moved away without providing forwarding address details?

In thi scase, would it not be true to say that after obtaining CCJ's and attempting to enforce these that a GAIN status would be registered at the address that one left?

-- Darren Jones (, May 07, 2002.

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