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Hi. Here is Annie Hoy's response to our questionaire. We are to check references by sending them the questionaire, which I eill do this afternoon. When we get responses we'll send all that along to Susan. Any questions? Thanks. Peace & Fun. Roxx

Dear Roxanne & Nominating Committee

I'm hoping you'll still accept my Nomination Questionnaire even though I'm a little late. I apologize for that and my only excuse is a family health crisis.

So here are the answers to the questions:

Your Name: Annie Hoy

1. What inspires you to serve on the Board of the Provender Alliance?

Provender has greatly enriched both my personal life and my professional life. Being a part of Provender fulfills a part of that need to belong to something greater than oneself. I would like the opportunity to give back and help the organization fulfill its mission.

2. What is your relationship to Provender at this time, or history with the organization?

I am currently a fairly recent member of the SC. I think my role in that so far has consisted of advisor, sounding board, critic, pep squad. sister, friend, protege, mentor and shoulder to cry on for Susan pertaining to the conference, public relations, marketing and newsletter. In the first draft of this answer, I simply put down "co-conspirator" with Susan.

I think that in the nearly 8 years that I've worked at ACFS, I have only missed one conference. And, I think I've either presented a workshop or served on a panel for at least 4 conferences. I attend workshops at Provender and encourage my staff to do the same, rather than just use the time away from work to totally play. (Come on, I know you know there are some attendees that never step foot in a workshop unless they're giving it...and I'm not talking about the board members who cannot attend because they are busy putting on the conference).

3. In what other organizations have you served, and in what capacity?

NW Co-op Grocers Assoc. - ACFS representative during the times when we have been without a GM

Ashland Chamber of Commerce Visitors & Convention Bureau - Board Chair, 2000-current Greeter's Committee - Co-Chair, 1996-1998 Regional Marketing Committee - member 1996-current

Southern Oregon Women's Access to Credit - Board Chair, 1995-1998

Rotary Club of Ashland Lithia Springs Community Service Committee - Chair, 1998-2001 International Service Committee - Advisor/Mentor for incoming exchange student, 2002 Donations Committee - member, 1999-2001

4. How do you feel you can best contribute and what relevant skills and abilities do you have?

I bring a practical approach to board and committee service. I have experience at all levels of leadership within a board structure and understand the responsibilites of membership and governance. I have a broad skill set and much general knowledge but my specific skills and abilities lie in oral and written communication, marketing, strategic planning, event coordination, team building, public relations and (reluctantly) fundraising. I tend to shine in the media spotlight and I love to make a room full of people laugh.

5. What supervisory experience do you have?

Well, I've done a pretty good job of supervising myself over the course of my professional life, which has come in handy at ACFS, where we seem to go through GMs at a fast pace. Beyond that, I ran an all volunteer news department at Jefferson Public Radio for 8 years. At any given time I had at least 20 "staffers" to supervise, train and edit. Before that, I did the same sort of thing as a Program Producer at KLCC in Eugene for 7ish years. Plus, I've been a board president for an organization in which the executive director was directly supervised by a board committee made up of the Pres. & VP.

6. What do you see as Provender's most important role or contribution.

Where would we be without Provender? Sitting in some bar at Annaheim or Seattle or Baltimore or Austin, trying to compare notes above the din? Provender has become the glue that holds the diverse groups in our industry together in our region. It makes possible dialog between these groups to foster understanding and cooperation. We stand together and we stand strong! We learn together, we play together, we remember together, we get outraged together, we eat together, etc., etc., You get my drift. Our conference is focused on OUR needs, as an organization and as a region. You can't get that anywhere else, and we can afford to send line staff to help build the next tier of leaders in our own work environments.

7. What would you like Provender to aspire to in the next one to five years?

I would like Provender to be an incubator for new ideas, new businesses, new leaders. I think the industry as a whole, doesn't have much of a way to train the up and coming leaders. Leadership training would enhance our industry both regionally and nationally by preparing the next flock of GMs, department managers, financial managers, CEOs, and board members.

8. Please list 3 references to describe your professionalism and your experience in making group decisions.

a) Mary Pat Parker, Ashland Chamber of Commerce, 541-482-3486, email to come 5 May

b) Karen Zimbelman, CGIN, NWCGA, Consultant, 707-445-4849,

c) Alicia Sewitsky, ACFS board member, phone & email at work so will send 5 May

Thank you for considering me as a candidate. I look forward to hearing from you.

Annie Hoy Outreach Coordinator Ashland Community Food Store 541/482-2237

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

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