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I have only been doing transfers for a short time and I have really been pleased with my first results. However, lately I have been getting brown stains all over the image area on my transfers. Do I have a bad batch of film. I'm using 669 with a Vivitar slide printer. I know that the brown stuff is the developer, but I don't know how it's getting all over the image. The rest of the image looks great except for the brown stains. I have been very careful and I have NOT smudged the transfer...IT'S SOMETHING ELSE. If anyone knows what this is or has had this problem before, please respond with some advice. Thank you very much!

Nelson Enochs

-- Nelson Enochs (, May 06, 2002


HI Yes I get the same apots of brown and I think it is emulsion as well, I try to pull the film out of the printer away from the paper, and peel it apart away from the paper, because I think it just splashes and those marks appear later. I also try to keep the process away from the soaking water, all this means you need more space to do the whole process, but... a small price.

-- karen phillips curran (, January 08, 2003.

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