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Please don't feel that this is directed towards anyone in particular. It's not. I just read the posting above (It's been said?) and related things over the last couple of days. I'm thinking maybe some of you, us, whoever, might be taking this whole cyber thing a little to serious. I realize Melissa has a lot of time and effort invested in a worthwhile project w/ Country Families, and I truly am sorry for the recent troubles she's having. I do hope this clears up and things can settle back into a comfortable routine for everyone.

Having said that, Maybe we all should look at ourselves and ask - "Am I overreacting here?" Reading some of the posts regarding this whole situation............You'd think Moses was unleashing the 12 plagues on Egypt or something. Yes I do know about overreacting - Guilty as charged. But I learned something from it. This stuff really isn't what real life is about. Yes, it's a nice diversion, but it's not really important in the big picture.

I hope I said that right and I hope it's taken in the spirit it was meant. Not trying to make anyone mad or pick on anybody. Just felt that maybe some focus was needed. God Bless.

-- John in S. IN (, May 06, 2002


Exactly John, this has been my point all along. I have a very busy life and this is just for fun. I usually only have about 1/2 hour in the mornings to type in some new things and read over what others have posted. When time is taken up with all of this contentiousness, it is such a waste...

It is hard to watch people say mean things about you, when you know you are just trying to do something interesting and fun for people. When I started the forum, I thought it would be pretty simple, but it was not as simple as I had thought. I hope the password makes it a little easier to deal with. Now back to 'real' life!!!!!!!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 06, 2002.

Thanks Melissa. I'm glad you understood what I meant. Let me give you a reference point as to where my mind was this morning when I wrote that.

I'm now working in a busy Metro area hospital ER. Long drive from the boonies where I live. Here's a sample of what I've seen in the last couple weeks to reinforce my "Real Life" definition.

31 y/o mom of 3 who had a stroke- cause? Big tumor in her brain. Better yet, primary site was breast. Unless she has Hoot's cure, not a chance.

3 teen girls, unrestrained in pickup hit big tree. Can't even begin to list all the trauma. Can say that none of them will be going to the prom and at least 1 will be a "park in the sun and water regular" for as long as she lives.

Self inflicted gunshot wound to the head by 20 y/o male. Guess who got to break the news to Mom and Dad?

24 y/o male w/ long Hx of mental illness carves big designs on both his legs. You'd have to see the parents faces to really appreciate their plight in this long struggle.

5 y/o female autistic- hug your kids.

19 y/o male w/ psych Hx - OD. Hug your kids again.

And it goes on and on. I know that some folks on these forums do deal w/ special situations, family members, etc. God bless you and my heart goes out to you. Phil. 4:13 is the verse that helps me.

Maybe it was just my rxn to the night I had. Saved a 40+ y/o drug addict male prostitute in pulmonary edema at the end of the shift. Hey, he's somebodys son too. Hug your kids, family, friends or buy yourself a dairy queen. Enjoy the forums. Don't get too upset tho'. Focus on the important stuff. Be nice to each other. God bless.

-- John (, May 06, 2002.


I appreciate your perspective. I think that many of us are addicted to these Contry forums.

Outbreaks such as Stan's should be overlooked until they disipate, but it's all about control- people had to scroll through page after page of trollish spam- it wasn't fair to the majority,.

-- Rick in SW WV (, May 06, 2002.

Rick. Totally agree. There is never any excuse for bad behaiviour. Gotta run. I'm working.

-- John (, May 07, 2002.

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