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It looks like I'll be morving to the Tampa/St. Pete area soon. Can anyone give me a heads-up on good places to get 4x5 negs developed? Are there any rental darkrooms in the area or maybe some good darkroooms at local community colleges? Any LF clubs in the area? Thanks! Matthew

-- Matthew Cordery (cordery@sonic.net), May 05, 2002


There is a large format club in the Tampa Bay area. We meet on the first Thursday of each month. Since most of the people on this list have no interest in it, I'll save space and send you the details by private mail. I don't use labs so I can't speak from experience but Eagle in Tampa has a good reputatin. The only rental darkroom I know of is at Artists Unlimited in Tampa. I've never used it but I'm told it's good and the rates are low. However, I'm not positive that they have 4x5 enlargers, you'd have to check with them. The Gulf Coast Art Museum in the Largo area has a fairly large darkroom and you may be able to use it just by becoming a Museum member or they may rent it when they're not using it for classes. I know they do have 4x5 enlargers.

-- Brian Ellis (bellis60@earthlink.net), May 06, 2002.

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