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Does anyone know if a reflex viewer can be attached to the Wisner Technical 4x5? Is there any 4x5 field camera that can have a reflex viewer attached to it, other than the Toyo 45II/45A? I've been shooting for a while and I know that the upside down/backwards image makes you "slow down" and give more thought to composition but for certain situations I need the ability to take the shot a little quicker. Thanks, Enrique.

-- enrique (, May 05, 2002


All Linhof and Wista models

-- Bob Salomon (, May 06, 2002.

The Canham DLC and Cambo cameras all use the same set of reflex viewers and monocular focusing aids. Go to Calumet to see the range of viewing aids.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, May 06, 2002.

Enrique, any view camera, flat bed, or monorail, that is equipped with Graphlock sliding locks can hold a reflex- type viewer. You may need to match the exact viewer to the size and design of the camera back, however. A Graphlock back is available for the Wisner Tech Field. The Shen Hao comes with one as standard equipment. You will probably pay almost as much for the reflex viewer as you payed for the Shen Hao. In my opinion, reflex viewers were designed for studio use, where there is sometimes a need for an art director to see the picture before the photographer fires the shutter. They are not designed for use in the field, although they can be used if you are willing to put up with the extra weight and bulk.

-- Eugene (, May 06, 2002.

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