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Hello, Are any of you working in West Texas with Large format? I have started making trips from central Texas to west Texas with 8x10 and 12x20 with 11x14 adapter back.

-- David Vickery (vickeryphoto@cs.com), May 05, 2002


Check in with James Evans in Marathon. He is a very fine photographer who owns the gallery across the tracks from the Gage Hotel.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), May 05, 2002.

I will be in the near future. I am moving from the San Francisco Bay Area back to Texas at the end of May. We will be moving to Austin, and will be taking many trips to the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend in the near future.

Feel free to invite me out some time.

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), May 05, 2002.

I live in Austin and have a cabin in the Davis Mountains. I'd like to network with others who are interested in photographing in the area.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), May 06, 2002.

I usually go to Big Bend every winter, but this year I didn't have the time. I photograph in 8x10 around the Big Bend area, and I have a few photographs out there for sale. Two caveats for anyone thinking of going there: 1. Go in the fall or winter, but prepare for warm and cool weather. Even though it's the desert, it can still rain or snow. If you go in the late spring or summer, bring lots of water. 2. The area is so big and overwhelming that you need some time to acclimate from the wide-open spaces of the desert if you are coming from another part of the country. Big Bend is nice but it's getting more and more crowded every year. Camping in backcountry sites gets scarcer every year. I've started branching out and now I explore areas away from the park. Stop and see Luc Novovitch on the main drag in Marathon a block from the Gage Hotel. He's from France and he has a gallery and darkroom. Last time I talked to him, he was starting to experiment in Carbon printing and Pt/Pd.

-- Bruce Schultz (schultzredfish@aol.com), May 06, 2002.

hmmmmm, sounds like the start of a 'free workshop' program, like Per V. just had on the west coast... Also sounds like enough planning time to do this in the upcoming fall after the scorching heat of the summer. miles.

-- miles feigenbaum (mfa1@ix.netcom.com), May 08, 2002.

Sounds like a deal to me. The later in the fall, the better. Less crowds, and better (cooler) weather.

-- Andy Biggs (abiggs@tvmcapital.com), May 08, 2002.

If your in the park go to cattail falls. It's a great place to photograph. Watch out for the mountain lions when under the dark cloth.

-- Tim Kimbler (gandy2@gte.net), May 14, 2002.

Is that where the pumas hide, under the dark cloths?

-- Ellis Vener Photography (ellis@ellisvener.com), May 14, 2002.

for northwest texas, contact Ken Pirtle or Joe Walsh at Amarillo College's photo dept. they can get you access to S. Marsh III's secret sites.


ask about blue rocks and floating mesa... wink wink.


as for the northernmost parts of the texas panhandle and the marvels of Cimarron County OK(aka Black Mesa)... well, ask me.

-- looker (linhof66@hotmail.com), May 14, 2002.

Hello all! Thanks for your responses. I will be getting back to each of you individually during the course of the summer, and maybe we can get something worked out for this fall. Early November or Early December would be nice to plan for. It would be nice if we could find a place to get together and have a little R&R after we've been out exposing film to that harsh Texas sun all day!

-- David Vickery (vickeryphoto@cs.com), May 17, 2002.

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