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well,, it was finally said, the "troll" gave an explanation on why it was done, here and on CS,, but,, guess what,,, it was deleted,, on both forums. I saw where Rick said he wasnt the moderator here,, but, AMAZINGLY thats gone also. MAkes me wonder if chuck or joel are the ones trying to pupeteer here.

-- Doreen (, May 05, 2002


Doreen it does make me wonder too! I thought I had noticed that Stan's response to Chuck was missing off of the CS forum and it wasn't that bad. Gee are people getting strange or what. Some people don't handle power very well. How can Stan respond if he can't post on these forums? Maybe he will post on the Freedom forum. I am feeling very discouraged.

-- Susan in MN (, May 05, 2002.

Hi gals, it is getting stranger all the time, huh? I don't know if I would feel as strongly about this for someone new, but Stan has been on the forums forever and has been part of the family, then goes off the wall twice in all these years and I can't help wondering what is up? I haven't e-mailed him, I figured he'd let us all know what the deal is, but since he keeps getting deleted, I'm less hopeful. So much for him trying to say his piece or even getting the chance to apologize or ANYTHING. Frustrating.

-- Annie (, May 05, 2002.

well,,I have been in contact via email with Stan. I know his side of the facts now,, and what I saw of the other side. It didnt start with what mellisa claims to be the trigger, about her deleting one of his posts. According to Stan,, that had NOTHING to do with it. Im not going to speak for Stan and tell what he told me. But there is a WHOLE lot more going on then anyone beleives. Stan wasnt the only one posting those bible qoutes, he started doing so,, then others jumped in, apparently the "deleters" didnt check to see who was posting them all, nor do I think they even worried about it. At least 2 other people were posting, and one is a common visitor to most of the forums. I've offered my help to Stan, if anything happens to his pc. Joel may think he can do alot,, but so can GM computers, which work closly with GE computers,, so an easy trace wont be a problem. Ill be getting with Stan via phone first thing in the morning, and he as agreed to let me hook up to his comp from work, to monitor anything "strange". SO Joel,,,, give it your best shot !! !

-- David (, May 05, 2002.

I think you're full of it David. How would you know who was posting what unless you were involved also? Judging by other posts made by you on Lusenet, I'd say that's the case.

Whatever started it doesn't matter. What matters is that Stan has some petty problem with a few other users and breaks forum rules when he can't control himself.

-- no (, May 05, 2002.

Gosh, this forum is like a real family!! It's just as dysfunctional as those of some of our elected officials & spiritual leaders in the news lately. What ever happened to "love the sinner- hate the sin"?? From the posts on ALL the boards some are going to get revenge, others will withhold friendship & others just place blame. I'm sure the offender appreciates the sincere offer by some to continue a friendship off the forum, that's what a real family member would do, in my opinion; not make threats & speculate as to their mental or addiction status. It's just sad to watch a forum called 'Country Families' be so darn hate-filled and vengeful. Why not let it die down, let the moderators do what they have to do and let the person who is suspected of causing harm live in peace and with some self- esteem left? Who knows the person may feel bad already and this could be the catalyst for something worse like depression or suicide. Not something I would want to see happen to anyone-even one suspected of being a troll or troublemaker. Just such a sad way for family to handle a problem.

-- KV (, May 05, 2002.

your intitled to your opinion "no",, though it doesnt carry much weight since your afraid to use your name. And if you would read what I wrote, I got the information from Stan,, and one other,(one of the posters). And even if I was one of the posters,, noone has stated they are "going to get me" or "blow up your computer", I have a password to the forum, as does the other poster,,and Id bet Stan has it also by this point. Noone is blameing anyone but Stan,, why,, because he isnt afraid to state is opinion on anything, though some think he may be immoral or just dont agree.

-- David (, May 05, 2002.

David, oddly my response wasn't directed at you. It was just a comment on the way all the forums are handling a problem that should have stayed with the moderators & the person causing the problem. Yes, it caused alot of people problems with spam but that happens not just on this forum but others as well as from viruses,etc. My point was that it seems like many took a threatening stance, GE & GM were bantered around like some sort of gods that could & would deal with a problem on a little old forum when they have so much more to spend their time doing. Why do we as a whole feel the need to attack someone who may be down( just an opinion since I don't make any claims to knowledge of what the persons state is) David, in a way I think I was agreeing with you, maybe not, now you've got me confused. I just thought it would be the kind thing to do to let the moderators finish up the necessary steps and for the rest of us to give the person who caused the problem a little space & time for reflection on what he/she did. Browbeating at this point would probably not make matters any better or ellicit an apology even if they were able to post. Do we at least agree on that? My post wasn't addressed to any one person it was just an observation on the way this whole issue has deteriorated into veiled threats & name calling ( if you call 'he was probably drunk or in need of meds' name calling) on all the boards -not just the Country Family boards.

-- KV (, May 05, 2002.

KV,, my reponse wasnt in any way commenting on your, it was to "no @who", the one above yours,, sorry for the misunderstanding. You articulated your feelings very well on the subject. And I agree, that it should be left to the mmoderator, and teh person(s) doing it. I aslo beleive that what happens on one forum shouldnt matter to the other forums. No attack was made on CS, yet,,all of Stans posts are removed,, ALL OF THEM, no matter what was said. At least I cant find any.

-- David (, May 05, 2002.

David, glad we got that cleared up, I thought old age was really getting to me. :) KV

-- KV (, May 05, 2002.

David, I am so glad you are able to communicate with Stan. I remembered your name from the Country Families forum, and I was trying to recall from where, so I did a little search for you and guess what??? YOU have exactly the same provider that Stan does!!! Both net-port and posts that use both names. So you must live very close to each other to have the same provider!!!! What a small world we live in these days!!! I am REALLy happy that Stan will have someone close to him to help him through his trials.

I had a limited e-mail correspondence with him and I felt that we had reached a bit of a truce, but for some reason he did not want to honor it.

Now about the number of people posting, I guess if you are behind the scenes of these forums very much, you would know that before you delete a message you have to bring it up on the screen. Then you see the post and a number which is called the ISP number. When you hit this number it shows where it maps to, like net-port. Now it is true that as I am deleting I don't always check every single posts, but I do know that number by heart!!!! And it was always the same number. So I guess if more than one person was doing it, I can't see how.

As to other comments, I do not think that CF forum is a bad place, on the contrary it is a very nice place. We try to treat each other with basic respect and common courtesy, and most of the people there are very supportive of that goal. But sometimes you will have a person who makes snide remrks, or who is not very nice. I try to gently remind them that is not our goal, and hope that they will change.

You know I don't really care what the "name" of the person is who did it, I just want them to stop!!! Maybe there really is no such person as Stan. I have never seen him. Maybe he is a composite of many different people. I truly do not know. Here on the net, you can never really be sure, can you???

The whole purpose of CF forum was just to have a place to discuss issues that maybe are not completely "Homesteading" but affect people who homestead. Like children, cooking, thoughts and reflections on life, gardening, books, crafts. More the "softer" side of life in the country.

No one there wishes Stan any ill-will or harm, especially not me. There were times he would post and I would laugh out loud. I will miss that. And if Stan is a "real" person, I hope he can try to understand why he harbors such hatred for a housewife from Ohio, who was just trying to brighten up people's lives a little... I will continue to keep him in my prayers. I think that if he does not really have the password to the forum, that he might miss us a little. He seemed to be there fairly often...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 05, 2002.

I'm so very sorry that Melissa is going through the problem with Stan but I too was on her S--- list because I didn't get along with Mitch and the way he handled the stumpers.Melissa backed him to the helt and she thinks he can do no wrong....So instead of going off the deep end like Stan I left the Forum..And now I'm very happy I did..Bob

-- Bob (, May 05, 2002.

Hi "Bob"...funny you should pop in all of a sudden. Haven't heard from you for so long. Seemed like the 2 of you (Mitch and you that is) just could not see eye-to-eye, and most of the time I deleted BOTH of you, when you started jabbing each other!!!! I hope your health is OK, and your family. How are your sons and wife doing?? Good I hope... Well it has been good chatting with you anyways. I guess I had forgotten about you even posting there for a while.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 05, 2002.

Bob, you left? Stomped off like a little baby was more like it! LOL. I saw you throw a few temper tantrums in there and let me tell you, you are way too oversensitive. I wondered if you were even a man like your name "Bob" would lead most to believe. Really, one little thing happened that you didn't like and you threw a little hissy fit about it.

David, interesting point brought up there about the isp... I thought things seemed awfully familar between you and Stan. If you're not the same person, are you lovers or something?

-- lol (, May 05, 2002.

funny you mentioned ISP servers melissa,, I cant compare Davids, and STans, but "lol" and "non" (posters above) have the same earthlink address,, interesting.

-- Rick SW WV (, May 06, 2002.

Well "Rick" since you are privy to the password, you know it is not me!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 06, 2002.

Sometimes you don't need to check ISP numbers to know who the poster (imposter?) is. Check out the punctuation used by Doreen, David and Stan. All three of these people use consecutive commas between phrases and sentences. Anyone else notice that?

-- MECabin Fever (, May 06, 2002.

Oh great..I ALWAYS use dots when I am typing on here. I suppose then..I am going to be grouped now? Probably explains why I have not gotten the password yet. What once was an excellant place for quick answers and wonderful info..well, its turning into a bit of a zoo...and I think thats a shame.

-- Sher (, May 06, 2002.

Sher, I did send you the password at the address you have listed, maybe it is not correct??? I have had a good many returned being undeliverable. Trust me it is a zoo trying to figure out who has it and who doesn't. I appreciate your patience and consideration! The only posts I have made here have my name on them, I don't know who is posting all of the other ones...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 06, 2002.

welcoem aboard Sher

-- Stan (, May 06, 2002.

Reading through this, I just have to shake my head in amazement. I assume we are all adults here. The insinuations, the petty remarks, back biting and so on.... someone makes a comment on "being nice" and then right after, someone has a new bone to pick with someone. This is NOT the attitude of mature men and women, be it homesteaders or not.

Grow up. This is the computer folks, do you treat people like this in REAL LIFE?

-- Aimee Gosse (, May 06, 2002.

Here's a answer to you think I'm not a man with the name of Bob, Give me your address and I will meet you, anytime anyplace...And if you are a women I'll show you what a man I'am and then I'll kick your ass...I at least put my real E mail on here why can't you...I think I know who you are...You can send me a E mail if you have the nerve.....

-- Bob (, May 08, 2002.

I started reading these forums for information on homesteading and have made some friends along the way. I am surprised to discover this little Peyton Place! (Showing my age) :) Or is it Dynasty or Melrose Place?

Why can't you all just get along? It's not that hard and it might make you all happier in your real life as well. Just a thought.

-- Cindy in IL (, May 08, 2002.

Doreen I'm still waiting for your address

-- BOB (, May 09, 2002.

Doreen I'm still waiting for your address, and a E mail

-- BOB (, May 09, 2002.

Ummmm....HELLO????? I have answered in excess of thirty emails from people inquiring as to whether this im"poster" was actually me, I assure you that it was not. This is the first post I have made on this sorry little piece of cyber space and it will indeed be the last. Stan has his issues, *I* have nothing to do with them until someone brings it into my house and begins to slag my name and my reputation about. Then I suppose I have no choice but to address both the impudence and the childishness of those involved. If you are observant you can ascertain that the "poster" above was not ME the real- Doreen. I won't address syntax, nor will I address grammar, but it ought to be perfectly obvious to anyone familiar at all with either my posts or the individual above.

Bob, you are in extreme error and I doubt your masculinity, and believe you meant to assert your boorishness by your posts above. What a foolish thing to say on a bitter piece of cyber space. If you should have the desire to "meet" with me, I will be ready with deterrent, but since my Mom taught me that it wasn't nice to have a war of wits with the unarmed, I guess we won't be meeting.

I sure hope you get over this stuff, Stan. Best of luck to you.

-- Doreen (, May 09, 2002.

Pretty easy to talk junk from behind the safety and security of your monitor huh Bob? Anytime, anywhere? This Sunday I'll be in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Flying J truckstop on i-25, 2 miles south of 80 in a red GMC 20 foot stakebody. You'll be able to find me easily. I'll be there all day so you better show up or I'll know you're exactly what I said. I bet you don't show because you sound like a little baby. Look how you're going off on Doreen??? What's your story? Are you a short-guy? I've seen lots of you shorties with this attitude. Or are you a mamasboy? Both? Sounds like it. And what kind of man would beat a woman? No real man would do that. Well anyway I hope you show up. I'm looking real forward to you kicking my ass LOL.

-- lol (, May 10, 2002.

who said Bob was talking to Doreen ????? I think rick better check ISP # to see who is talking to who

-- Stan (, May 10, 2002.

ATTENTION I'm not going to meet you because I know who you are and don't want to waste my time with your stupitidy... I'll give you a background on myself to show how wrong you are. First of all I'm 5'10 and have a degree in photography, I also spent 22 years in the military, served in two wars hold 22 decorations and went to Woodstock in 69, and Im a retired meterologist so I won't waste my time with stupid people like you anymore, you don't have to answer because I won't be on here...Have a nice Sunday

-- Bob (, May 10, 2002.

P.S. I thought I would tell you why it would be easy to hit a women,I'm one of those Vietnam baby killers so it would come easy to smack you and put you in your place..The reason you didn't send me a E mail was it would show your true identity which I know anyway..Bye

-- Bob (, May 10, 2002.

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