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Hi all, Was thinking of getting a wide angle for my 5x7. Any user experiences with the Nikon 90mm f8? Or in comparison to the 110xl?

-- Emile de Leon (, May 03, 2002


Emile, you may want to consider the Fuji 105 f8 SW. It will easily cover 5x7 . Has a 250mm image circle. Midwest Photo has one listed on their website ( I suggest that you call Jim at Midwest. He is expecting a large shipment of Fuji lenses, both new and used, sometime next week.

-- Eugene (, May 03, 2002.

110xl. I have no experience with Nikon 90mm f8. But I do own and use 110xl. Very sharp and contrasty, a great performer.

-- Hugo J. Zhang (, May 04, 2002.

Those two lenses are in comletely different classes. I own a Schneider 90 mm lens and although it's a good lens I just don't like the focal length. The 110 is pretty much like a 35 mm lens (obviously I mean in 35 mm format) rather than the 28 mm view the 90 gives you. I've always thought that the 28 mm lens was in no man's land; wide enough for some distortion but not wide enough to be interesting.

The 110 is also as modern a lens as there is, and with a honking big image circle. Although I'm sure the Nikkor is a fine lens, it hasn't been updated in twenty years. Oh yeah, the 110 would also cost twice as much as the Nikkor.

-- David Grandy (, May 05, 2002.

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