Have you seen or heard of miracles lately?

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Sometimes we forget the power of our awesoma and incredible God. But he is still in the miracle making business. Have you seen or heard of any miracles lately?

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002


I see and talk to a mircle all the time. I have shared this story before,but it is still unfolding as God continues to bring about changes in my oldest daughters life. About a year ago my oldest daughter was found in alley next to a trash dumpster, she had been shot six times. Four of the bullets lodged in various positions in her head and two past through her neck. Needless to say the damage was sever,she had no blood flow or oxygen going to her brain. No one knows how long she was in the alley before they found her. Not only did God keep her alive in the alley,she is now doing all the things that the Dr's first said she would not. She is even going to church and share her story with other young people. It is just a great joy to see all that God is doing in her life. I pray that one day she will be able to share her story around the country. this of course was just a small portion of the events that took place.

One the of many mircles that I've enjoyed sharing lately, is the fact that I drove around for over a month without having to put gas in my car. I know that we all experience mircles on a daily basis, however, we take so much of what God does in our lives for granted. I pray that as Christian we will began to understand the depth of God's Love for us,so that we recognize the mircles that take place daily.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Dear Adna, Please give my love to your wonderful, incredible daughter. I love her so much!!! It is so good to hear of her progress and her servitude to God. I too have shared how my daughter is a traumatic brain injury survivor and spent six weeks in a come and 7 months in a hospital 6 six years ago. The doctors said she would never be the same. She was able to go back to college and graduate with excellent grades. She is the co-founder of our church and our WMS president at the age of 25. Next year she will enter a PH.D program in Public Theology, she wants to teach about God. Adna God has healed our girls and he is using them in powerful ways. Keep telling your family's miracle story, we need to hear it! Adna God bless you for your faith and prayers for your daughter for it was your strength also that sustained her. Tell your daughter she has an Aunt in Montana. God Bless.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Rev. Rogers,


Carmen Rose

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

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