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There are some in the house of representatives that are trying to introduce a bill call the "Patriot Act" this bill would allow churches to donate money to political groups and individuals without interference from the federal government. What do you think?

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002


It would be great except for one thing, and that's that it leads to church splits. My pastor told of a church he served once that didn't even go as far as to lobby. They just set the public statements of two candidates next to each other on a display and let the people decide for themselves. What it showed was that one candidate was clearly closer to a Biblical view than the other.

One would think that this would be a good thing, causing people to change their minds, but people are funny creatures. The group whose candidate was cast in a bad light reacted not with repentance, but with defensive anger. They proceeded to embarass themselves by defending what was indefensible, and countering clear scriptural teaching with family history, party loyalty, and human reason. Many hard feelings resulted.

If this relatively benign approach within a single body resulted in such a tumultuous fight, imagine if whole churches made official political stands. You'd see splits between pastors and congregations, board members, and additional splits church to church. The unity that must occur to set the stage for revival would be set back by years.

Jesus said His Kingdom was not of this world. One thing I've learned is politics comes in a distant second to saving souls. Even what political action goes on now detracts from the Great Commission to a certain degree, and it needs to decrease, not increase. Let the church continue to teach Biblical standards on moral issues. Then let each person consider this teaching and justify their vote to God. As we grow closer to Him, we'll vote more and more alike anyway.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002


-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

If such a bill is introduced I assure you the debate would be extensive and interesting. It would be interesting to know who is considering such a proposal. I personally think The Church should use Gods' money to do Gods' will as commissioned in the scriptures. I will suggest, if there is a need in Washington for Consultants in the area of politics they certainly could call our great church. We have proven we are experts in getting in who we want and keeping out who we don't. At times at the expense of our Church of Allen. Thanks

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

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