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Many of us will be flying to church conferences and going on vacations. Do you feel safe flying? What do you think of the added security measures?

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002


Dear Rev. Rogers,

No I don't feel safe flying but I do applaud all the additional safety procedures that the airlines have implemented. As a matter of fact, I drove over 2000 miles roundtrip to New Orleans this past Christmas instead of flying. It's something that just so nice about having both feet on the ground. Upon arrival in New Orleans, I learned that an individual had placed explosives in his shoes to blow up a plane which was originally in route from Europe to Florida but was diverted to Boston instead. I plan to go to Chicago in June and I intend to drive the 12 hour ride one way.


-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Sure, I feel safe. There are thousands of flights everyday, and only a fraction of a fraction have had problems. At the same time, the current situation should remind us, especially men because of our size and strength, to be alert and prepared to act should anything happen. Knowing what can happen, you have nothing to lose and may save many lives. Of course being saved and knowing your eternal destination helps.

As for the security, God bless them. It's for our good. Though many holes remain in the wall of protection our leaders are trying to provide, every little bit helps.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

I would feel a lot safer if all of the amenities afforded to 1st class passengers were extended to coach folks like me :-) Jazzman, get plenty of rest before you make that long, grueling drive to Chicogo. QED

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Please pray for two young ladies, my co-workers (Monica and Carmen) who will be traveling to Europe this weekend on vacation. Thanks be to God, they asked for prayer.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Reverend Rogers.

I feel perfectly safe when I fly as when I drive or take any other form of transportation. When I travel I am reminded of the words of parting which are used in most Western Languages, but which many of us do not realize we are saying. Although these are common expression throughout the Western World I will site only a few of them here.

The Spanish say, "Vaya con Dios"--Go with God. In Spanish, French and English we often hear adios or adieu--with God. The most common English parting expression is Good-bye (G'b'w'ye). However we often further contract this already contracted phrase by saying "bye" or "bye- bye", because we fail to realize what it is we are actually saying.

If we realized what it actually meant we would always say "Good-bye"-- God be with you. That is rather to say YE, the plural form of you or you and your spirit. So when I fly I feel safe because I "Go with God" and I know that God is always with me and my spirit.

The wear and tear on my now maturing body and car are not worth the extra hours that it takes to drive myself. The only thing, which would have made me reconsider this was the added hassle of air security following September 11. However to my amazement I discovered when I flew to Bishop Ming's funeral that this was really quite near its normal procedure and the overkill was no longer obvious.

Each time I was at the plane in less than a half hour. This was true despite the fact that my implant surgery set off bells at Laguardia and I had to have my shoe and belt buckles run through x-ray even after they read my implant information card.

So I will fly to Tampa and I also advise each of you to fly whenever and wherever you can. And yes, GO WITH GOD, be relaxed, and be blessed.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Robert it is always good to hear from you! My daughter will be flying to tokyo in two weeks for a vacation. And we are both excited. She is not afraid of flying. I guess the only thing that scares me about flying is the AIRFARE. Yikes, it is expensive, but God always makes a way;-)

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

What's she going to do in Tokyo? Is she on a missions trip of some kind, or is she just being a tourist? If she's just out travelling, why did she pick Tokyo?

When I was stationed in Korea I had a friend with blazing red hair. One of the guys who saw her walking the streeets of Seoul said he could spot her a mile away among all those Koreans. I imagine it'll be the same with your daughter in Japan! :-)

I know the feeling myself. While out touristing around Seoul one of my buds, who was a biker type, was riding around the subway with me with a bandana tied on his head, Rambo style. We got many stares, followed by quick looks in another direction.

Nowadays we're told to try to blend in while in other countries. I guess we can only go so far, and trust the Lord for the rest.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

She and a friend are going for fun. Ah, the fancy of youth. Plus they have never been there. Rob my daughter will be fine, remember we live in Montana and stares will be nothing new;-)

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Dear Rev. Denise As one who is surrounded by 700 miles of water I have no choice but to fly. I thank God for his arms of safety as I have continued travelling despite September 11. Anyone for cruising?? (Smile)

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

Nalton I am ready for a cruise! Today Monday May 6h, it is snowing, and we are expecting six inches by tonight. This is typical weather for us, for my town is situated in the Rocky Mountains. I will never forget two years ago when I was on my way to my daughter's college graduation in Washington, D.C. on May 9th. We had 8 inches of snow, and had to sit on the runway why they repeatedly de-iced the plane. You could tell the Montanans for we are used to them de-icing the plane several times, because of the altitude we live in. So we were just sitting there reading. But the tourists on board, were not use to snow in May or de-icing. So for me flying is about trusting God, for I live in the mountains, and there is A steep ascent over the mountains before they get to my town, then there is the wind, and other weather conditions. I love my mountains and it is hard for me to leave! I live one hour from Yellowstone National Park, and 4 national forests surround me.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

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