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I am a newbie in the VCD world. I got a set of VCD as gifts. I was able to play all of them on my PC with InterVideo WinDVD. Then I bought JVC XV-FA95GD and encountered problems. I recognizd a pattern for the problem. If the VCD menu ask for numeric input that is not in the range of 1 to 9. The DVD player does not respond at all. Even though the manual says I can enter "+10" to advance to the next range. It just does not work. Should I return the DVD player and get a replacement? Or should I switch to a totally different product? If the DVD player is defective, how do I convince the shop the problem is the DVD player? Really appreciate your help. Any comments are appreciated.

-- Chao Din (, May 02, 2002


If you choose from the menu VCD "10" this means enter "+10" and "0" in succession. If you want item "15" then press "+10" and "5". This is assuming the numbers u want r on that particular menu page. If they are not then press >> or NEXT to get to the successive pages. To get back to the menu while playing a selection u press RETURN. This is VCD. In DVD u would normally press MENU to get back to, well, the menu.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 04, 2002.

Thanks for explaining how to operate the DVD. However, the problem is "+10" works only if the menu contains a number equal to or less than 10 (not 9 as in my original message). Let me rephrase the problem (Sorry, I did not make it clear). THE NUMERIC KEY DOES NOT WORK, IF ALL CHOICES ARE ABOVE 10. This happens in two cases (based upon the VCDs I have): (1) The vendor breaks them into two sets, and the second sets contains numbers higher then 10; and (2) the vendor use spreadsheet-like (grid) design and ask users to choose the cell by selection two numbers. Any comments?

-- Chao Din (, May 04, 2002.

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