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This site is a gem. A while back I asked about Kodak Dental film clips in stainless. One of the responders (David Goldes) mentioned that he had seen some in a store in Minneapolis. I called them, and to my amazement, there were in stock. Got 30 film clips for $6 and shipping was $9. Clips were brand new in Kodak shrink wrap. Thanks David...! This site is a gem that cannot be underestimated. Another deal pending for me, as a direct result of being on this board. I think that all of us on this board are the eyes and ears of LF photography. I am blessed by being a part of this fine group. Be well....all. Richard Boulware - Denver.

-- Richard Boulware (, May 02, 2002


I have to second Richard's comments about this site. Very helpful information that answers those silly little questions we all have. Hope it stays right about here. John

-- John Flavell (, May 08, 2002.

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