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I'm entering the last year of my undergraduate studies next September, and am preparing to write the GRE over the summer. It occurred to me that everybody has strengths and weaknesses in different areas (quantitative, verbal, analytical), and that it could be very beneficial to exchange various tips and strategies for different types of questions. If anyone else is studying for the GRE and interested in discussing different study strategies, I'd like to receive your email or exchange information through this forum.

Thanks, Enzo

-- (, May 02, 2002


Studying for GRE this Summer & Looking for Study Partners!

Hi guys, I've emailed the two of you about this but I thought I would post up here as well :)

If anyone else is interested in helping one another get the most out of prepping for the GRE, please post here and/or contact me (and anthony and enzo too, I'm sure :) )

-- Pamela Stokes (, June 14, 2002.

RE: Preparing to Write GRE

I've just begun studying for my GRE in order to write it sometime this summer. I'll let you know when I've done enough studying to exchange some strategies with you. You can e-mail me at

-- Anthony (, May 06, 2002.

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