110XL for 10x8"

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Someone's suggested that the 100XL lens would be ideal as a superwide for 10x8". Has anyone tried it on 10x8", and do you have specs for image circle? I assume the centre filter is essential for this size of neg, but will it significantly reduce the image circle?

David Nash

-- David Nash (nashcom@btinternet.com), May 02, 2002


The image circle for a Super-Symnar XL 110mm lens is 288mm which would make it too small for 8x10.The 150mm version is 386mm which would be fine.The image circle on some Schnider lenses is very conservatively stated in the literature,my 150mm G-Claron for example.I don't know about the XL lenses.The center weighted filter for a lens like this just compensates for the rapid fall off in brightness as you near the edge of the field.It will effectively lower the f-stop at the center,but not the image circle.

-- asher galloway (asher_g@yahoo.com), May 02, 2002.

Yes, the 110XL covers 8x10. I tried it.

-- William Marderness (wmarderness@hotmail.com), May 02, 2002.

Covers fine, really pretty sharp to the corners, didn't need a center filter for B+W. Whether it would cover at infinity may be another question, but I think most would use such a WA lens for interiors rather than lanscapes. Have others found it to cover at infinity?


-- Nathan Congdon (ncongdon@jhmi.edu), May 02, 2002.

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